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Thread: How do I use TextEdit for my HTML coding?

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    Question How do I use TextEdit for my HTML coding?

    I just got a Powerbook G4 and I am trying to set up my web page. I was using SimpleText before on a work computer but I noticed that my laptop does not have that program, only TextEdit. I have put some of my HTML code into TextEdit but once I opened the file in Safari it only shows the actual code not the web page. What do I do? Does anyone use TextEdit with their MAC or some other program? Please help.

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    Have a read at http://www.utoronto.ca/webdocs/HTMLd...c_editors.html or do a google search
    I don't have a mac so I can't make any recommendations.
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    I think your problem is that it's not saved as a .html file-type. I tried manually switching the file type on a mac at school, with undesirable results. You should use Text Wrangler to create .html files. It's a free plaintext editor for macs that supports html.

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    Thanks a lot for that link. I will download TextWrangler tonight on my laptop and give it a whirl. It will be a relief to have a great text editor to do my code in. Thanks.

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    Why not use TextEdit? It is like Notepad, simple to use. Just click "Format" > "Make Plain Text" and you can start coding in HTML.

    Remember to save the file as .html or .htm to make sure you can view it as a HTML document within a Web browser.

    Hope that helps.

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