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Thread: dropdown list submit problem

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    Post dropdown list submit problem

    I have a drop down list in a form and set the form action to my
    database results page. I use a Onchange event that uses the form name and is added to the select tag. When I select a choice from the list, the selected
    option will be submitted to a form handler when a selection is made
    automatically and its will display data in text box also. This selection is success, but got one problem is i have many drop down list in the form, when i use the onchange event to make selection, the other textbox value will disappear and i need to input again...how to solve this problem???

    *****i use this script******
    function combo_onchange() {

    <form name="frmSelect" method="Post"></form>

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    You are going to have to develop a function that remembers the values and reslects them.

    Are these dropdowns hardcoded into the HTML or are they created on the server?


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