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    Unhappy video streaming

    Hi There

    how i can make scure page for to play my video without downloading
    my video to the users computer and at same time the users can rewind & forward the video
    once the video start and i want my video play on windows media player

    please help me on this or send me to any company can do my reqeust


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    Thumbs up How to integrate video into your website

    I have found the best way to do this is to use streaming video.
    Go to get streaming account . Once there, in the 'dashboard area' on the right, click on "click here to take the tour and sign up". Use the 'kall me' function in the dashboard to give me a call and ask any questions. Once you have signed up I will walk you through how to integrate into your website.

    If you want to see an example of how the streaming video will work into your website, go to one of my recent website builds I did for a client:www.talk2joycee.com

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    There is always a work around if someone want something bad enough
    There are plenty of screen cap to avi programs available which capture sound
    board out.

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    Why dont you try Webamp? http://www.webamplayer.com :-)

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