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Thread: Need something like "onClick"

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    Need something like "onClick"

    Lets say I have 5 radio button groups with 2 radio buttons in each group. Lets also say that I have a javascript function that when called, it will check specific radio buttons that I want it to.

    I have a working scenario like the one above, but here's the problem.

    Each radio button has an onClick function within it. When a radio button is clicked, a specific page will open in an iFrame. This also works fine. However, when I use the function that changes all the radio buttons at once, this onClick feature is not used (seems like it's literally when you click it, not when checked is changed from false to true).

    Is there any way to get the same effect as I get with onClick when I'm changing lots of radio button values through a function? Thanks

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    sorta like this??

    function testClick(){
    <input type=radio name=r1 id=opt11 onclick="alert('you clicked '+this.id)">
    <input type=radio name=r1 id=opt12 onclick="alert('you clicked '+this.id)">
    <input type=radio name=r2 id=opt21 onclick="alert('you clicked '+this.id)">
    <input type=radio name=r2 id=opt22 onclick="alert('you clicked '+this.id)">
    <input type=radio name=r3 id=opt31 onclick="alert('you clicked '+this.id)">
    <input type=radio name=r3 id=opt32 onclick="alert('you clicked '+this.id)">
    <input type=button value="simulate click" onclick="testClick()">

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    actually, that's exactly what I needed. Hah Thanks a ton!

    (i was hoping there would be something like .click() ) =P

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