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Thread: Here are 2 prototype-functions I created.

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    Prototype Function Collection

    There are alot of useful prototype functions through-out this thread. It's well-worth the time to browse through them.
    Feel free to add your own prototype functions to this thread.
    However, make sure that you've tested your functions before you post them.
    Also, do not post anything but prototype functions in this thread.
    Post your non-prototype-functions here: Function Library

    This code defines the functions replaceAt and multipulCopies
    HTML Code:
    <SCRIPT TYPE="text/javascript">
    String.prototype.replaceAt=function(){return this.substring(0,arguments[0])+arguments[1]+this.substring(arguments[0]+1,this.length)}
    String.prototype.multipulCopies=function(){var temp="";for(var i=0;i<arguments[0];i++){temp+=this}return temp}

    Prototype-functions through-out this thread sorted chronologically: (1-50)

    (continued in next post from #51)
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