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Thread: Annoying sticky problem!

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    Annoying sticky problem!


    This morning I woke up to find my computer was acting very strangely...

    At first it kept sticking every few minutes, it stuck for about a minute and then would replay everything that i had asked it to do while it was stuck. It was mainly centred around the XP taskbar, and start menu etc... which also meant all the windows were stuck too....i could however stick chat in MSN messanger but just not move the window that the chat was in!!!

    This was odd enough as i can't think of anything i did that would cause this, It then got really annoying and thinking maybe that it was just XP pissing about I decided to us the aged old method to fix it of "RESTARTING"! It didn't work! In fact it made it worse..

    Now, the computer loads fine to the Windows login screen but then takes about a 1/2 hour to load into the user space (But it loads a standard userspace as apposed to my own space!)

    I am guessing that there is a virus, that my scanner didn't pick up!

    Any idea what it might be or how to fix it?

    System is an HP Media centre edition, running on 3Ghz Pent 4, 1 Gb RAM, with XP Media centre.

    Also it is not a hardware probs as i am using the Linux OS on the same machine to write this, and it works fine!

    Cheers (+ sorry for the long message!!!)

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    I sounds like a virus, or a humongous adware program. Some form of malware. If you can access your windows OS, start in safe mode and scan, as that picks up more. You probably need to run multiple anti-virus softwares if you don't find anything on the first check. If it's a virus, running many processes on the OS will just make it worse. You need to quarantine, locate, and eradicate.
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    You can post a hijackthis log as described in the sticky if you like. If you post it on the virtual dr forums you're more likely to get knowledgeable help!
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