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Thread: Accessible Scripting 101

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    Accessible Scripting 101

    Welcome to the "Accessible Scripting 101" thread. This thread will feature JavaScript scripts developed with accessibility in mind. In other words, these are scripts in which will degrade properly in the case that JavaScript isn't available to your end-user (which it isn't always, believe it or not).

    If you feel you have a worthy addition (i.e., an accessible script), feel free to PM me. What you should first do, however, is create a thread here in the JavaScript section explaining what it does, an example of how it use it, etc. which will be left open for discussion among the other members (e.g., if they need help setting it up on their site).

    When your thread is then created, it will be linked to via this thread. So -- eventually -- we can get together a pretty decent selection of accessible scripts, therefore making it easier for people to create accessible sites, and to further their understanding of how to create an accessible Web.

    To further discuss (and develop) this idea, please visit this thread.

    I would like to thank Vladdy for originally proposing this idea to me.

    Thanks, all.


    Accessible scripts:
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