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Thread: upload on mac, can't download on pc?

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    upload on mac, can't download on pc?

    I have server space through my university. Sometimes when I upload things at school (on a mac) and then go to download it from a pc at home it works, and sometimes it dosent.

    when it dosent- i mean- the file, no matter what kind, has a .bin extension and the icon is one of those generic window icons for "we don't know what to use to open this" and usually the file size is just a few k

    is there some setting on my ftp program I can change to fix this? Any other ideas?

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    I dont think its the FTP program that is causing problems. It sounds to me like the PC just doesnt understand what Application the Mac created the file with.

    For example , you create a .psd file in photoshop 5 on the mac. Then you FTP it to your PC. Now your PC just doesnt understand that its a photoshop file(and adds the .bin extension) Try opening it with photoshop(or whatever) anyway it should still work.

    This is more of a problem w/ older software.

    good luck!, Mason

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