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Thread: GUESTBOOK and MySQL-- 2 Questions

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    GUESTBOOK and MySQL-- 2 Questions

    I don't know whether or not i should have split this into two seperate posts. I wanted to know how to get most recent guestbook posts to appear on above teh previous one. Also i was wondering if there was a way to only to position where teh cgi writes the posts on the web page? Say if I was using tables to postion menu's on the right and left is tehre a way to get the posts to appear in the middle table column?

    Also I have d/l my sql and am wondering how to get a database i created on my computer onto my server?

    Any help would be appreciated

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    ..how to get most recent guestbook posts to appear (first)
    my @recentFirst = reverse @originalArray;

    Say if I was using tables....
    If you recoded as I suggested in your other thread, that code demonstrates how to insert data into a table.

    Tha last part, 'database to server', I can't help you with.

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