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Thread: Resolution problems.

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    Resolution problems.

    I have got my main page looking somewhat like I'd like it. When I view it at work using Firefox with a resolution of 1024x768 it looks just like I want it. When I view it on the same computer in IE the word spacing is a bit larger than I would prefer but I can live with it. I used this to check for resolution compatibility and it looks like garbage in all resolutions. How do I go about changing the site to make it viewable to all resolutions in IE and Firefox? Is there anything in the code of the page that sticks out to be causing the problems I'm having?

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    Oh man you have totally remaped your H1-H3 Tags to something that would make another designer crazy!

    Your H1 tag should be used as MAIN headings not the general text. Look at how these tags let text look naturally and see what I mean.

    2. At 1600x1200 the page looks like a mess. I suggest you lock your layers to a width of 740 pixels and then center everything.
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    I have really no clue what you suggested for me to do. I'm a complete noob with this stuff.... ....What would be the first step in fixing my problem?

    "I suggest you lock your layers to a width of 740 pixels and then center everything." Would that be the first step?

    Whatever the first step is, I'll search around and try to figure out how to make it happen then move to the next fix. Thanks in advance.

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    I change something and it gets better in one browser and worse in the other. Any suggestions? Articles to read so I can fix my code to ensure it is the way it's supposed to be?

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    http://www.w3.org/Style/CSS/ (the current "standard" is level 2, revision 1.).

    In general, mark things as they are too.
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    I guess one of my main problems is getting things (images, text, whatever) to be located in the spot I want them located in. The way I'm doing it now is either:
    margin-right: 70px;
    position: relative; top: 0px; left: 370px;
    . Something along those lines. Obviously that is not the method I should be using since the #px from the left changes when the resolution changes. I don't know of another way to move things around to the location I want though. Is there a way to reference things from the center of the screen? That way the resolution would change but everything will be indexed from the center of the screen.

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