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Thread: fixed width and height

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    fixed width and height

    I'm reading text from a DB into a label.
    But I don't want the label to adjust itself to the length of the text. I want the label to remain 190 x 150
    I have: <asp:label id=lblText1 Width="190" CssClass="tekst" Runat="server" BorderWidth="1px" BorderColor="#FC9107" Height="150">hier komt tekst</asp:Label>

    But it still adjust to the text. Where can I say that it has to stay fixed?


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    Label outputs a span which is an inline element. You should put this in the tag
    style="display:block; height:150; width:190;". But what if the text is too big? This is just going to pop out of the span if you have text that is too big so make sure the text is sorter or just right.

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