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Thread: Javascript Function Not Working

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    Javascript Function Not Working

    I was told this is how to switch web pages using Javascript:

    location.href = "pagename.htm";

    It works fine when I use the IE and Opera browsers. In Firefox, on the other hand, it keeps popping back to the original page.

    P.S. I need this question answered within 24 hours, because I have to hand in an assignment tomorrow. Right now that malfunction is all that's preventing my program from working. I haven't got much time... and I've been struggling with this problem for at least a week...

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    For a start, it would help if you posted in the correct forum. (Mods, can you move this please?)

    I'm guessing you are calling this code via the onclick event handler of a hyperlink, or something similar, in which case try adding return false; after the code you have. Otherwise, you will need to show us more code because what you have there is correct.

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