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Thread: Outlook Express is being bad...

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    Outlook Express is being bad...

    I have my IE options setup with Outlook as my default mail client (not Outlook Express). When I click on Tools>Mail & News>New Message, Outlook opens the correct new message window. But when I click on an email link in a web page, it opens an OE new message window. Anyone know why it would do this or how I can make it stop?


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    <- Assumes you use IE, since you mentioned it in passing ->

    Trying going to Tools -> Internet Options -> Programs and setting your default mail client there.

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    Do you have IE set correctly: Tools > Interner Options... > Programs > E-mail: Microsoft Outlook ?
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    Thanks for the help. I guess I should have been more specific in my description. Yeah, I've already done that... then doubted myself and checked it again. This is happening at work where I use IE. At home I use Firefox, and most enjoy it- though all of the sudden my google search utility in FF has stopped working and I'm not sure why... but anyway, Microsoft Outlook is already set to be the default client.

    I've looked additionally through all the settings in OE and Outlook and haven't seen anything regarding this issue among them.

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