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Thread: I need help!

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    Question I need help!

    How do I make my own antivirus or antispyware program?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CbrMas1
    How do I make my own antivirus or antispyware program?
    With great difficulty - how much do you know about a) programming and b) how antivirus programs work?

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    Too Broad

    That's really a very broad question. You may want to try to look for a book or some resources on the internet. I wish I had some suggestions, but i've never tried to make my own program such as that. But as Nevermore posted, you'd need to know something of programming and something of computer virii and antivirus programs themselves. Spy included on that. There's such a broad range of threats available for your inadvertant download that it's going to be a tough project to try to protect yourself from them all.

    Most antivirus software companies have the edge because they already have all the definitions of past and present threats stored up from years of experience. Anti-Spyware companies too. Not to suggest that you were planning of marketting the program, of course, because I don't know your plans...

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