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Thread: Expanding Development Knowledge & Skills

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    Expanding Development Knowledge & Skills

    Hi Guys,

    Has any1 got any ideas on Increasing my skills and Knowledge of web development.

    I currently make use of;
    XML, XSL
    Java Script, Java Server Pages
    Asp, ASP.Net, Visual Basic
    A tiny bit of Php
    SQL with Mysql
    Visual Design with Photoshop etc

    Any good certification i can pick up for enhancing things? some of the things i very rarely use and so i have 2 use my trusty books to aid me.

    Thanx Guys

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    I don't need to say anymore.

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    Well by the looks of it, the only part of your skill set that seems to be lagging behind the rest of your skillset is you database knowledge. Perhaps getting well and truly familiar with Oracle might be a good idea. It's very widely used and as far as I know is commonly used for larger projects. Then again you might consider (I think it was called) cloudscape. It's a database that is both embedable and capable of being used on a stand alone basis. I know you're probably thinking "What's the point of that when MySQL is the same anyway?", but cloudscape is a database written in java, so I'm guessing that might help in integrating a database more seamlessly with your java applications.

    There's not really much else I could suggest because I'm still rather unskilled at the moment and haven't had the chance to get my hands on some real large scale projects, but I hope I've at least given you some ideas.
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    Thanx for the quick reply, that was very useful, I have heard of both Cloudscape and Oracle and I will definately look at getting a Teach yourself book on one or both of them.

    Thanx Again m8

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