Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone,

I am really struggling with a little bit of javascript I am working on. I know the solution with a bit of javascript is simple but unfortunately I am no javascript wizard.

I have a form that will initially contain 1 table row with 3 form elements (2 text boxes and one dropdown select). The form tags are wrapped around the table. What I want to do is use a form button to add new rows on demand. So if the button (labeled with a +) was clicked a new row would be added with the same 3 form elements listed above but with a new name for the element (1,2,3 so on..). Each time the + was clicked a new row would appear. I know this is probably simple but just can't seem to find any examples anywhere on this entire world wide web. If you can help me, please I would be so greatful.

You can view an example page of what the form will look like at . It has no functionality at this time.

Thank you to ANYONE who can point me in the right direction or if you could whip up a quick little bit of javascript for me. It is more then I deserve but I'm asking anyways.