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Thread: External HD: Fan vs. Heat Dissipation

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    External HD: fan vs. natural airflow heat dissipation


    I am looking at a number of different external hard drives and I want performance to be the factor of my decision. I will be purchasing either a Maxtor or Seagate 250GB 7200RPM hard drive, and I am looking for a good case for it.

    One line of cases has two solid sides, and all four remaining sides are metal mesh, with a lift on the bottom for added airflow. No fans, just natural heat dissipation.

    Another line has one fan in the back of the case.

    A third has two fans in the front of the case.

    All claim to be quiet and effective. My computer is already noisy so that is not a huge factor if I can improve the longevity of my hard drive with a fan. However, I prefer the look of the first two cases to the last one.

    Here is my price gradient:
    Type 1:
    Cintre MetalFX Aluminum case with Maxtor 250GB 16MB cache 7200RPM HD, no fan
    1 USB 2.0
    3 yr warranty

    Type 2:
    Ultra Mini Portable case with Seagate 250GB 8MB cache 7200RPM HD, one fan
    1 USB 2.0, 2 Firewire
    1 year enclosure warranty, 5 year HD warranty

    Type 3:
    Cintre StayCOOL (Dual Fan) with Maxtor 250GB 16MB cache 7200RPM HD, two fans
    1 USB 2.0
    3 yr warranty

    An aside:
    Any big difference between 8MB cache and 16MB cache? What does it affect, say, if the hard drive is mainly used for editing videos and large photoshop files?

    Thank you, if you have a better suggestion, I am open.
    Ian Paterson
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