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Thread: Help needed with Action Scripting >.<

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    Exclamation Help needed with Action Scripting >.<

    Hey guys, Im new sorry my first post has to be asking for help, but im a little desperate. >.< So im in this animation class at my college and I figured that for my final project (equivlent to final exam to normal colleges) I decided I would make a game in flash (the program we have to use for the class) because making a regular animation would not challenge me enough. NEVER do this for a final project. lol So I found this great tut for a memory game and figured I would use that. So I have it pretty much almost done (cept for the part where it tells you your final score but from the looks of the code it does not look like that would affect it) but I can not get the cards to flip over. because of this the entire game will not work >.< I can give you guys a link to the site with the tut,. If anyone could help me I would greatly appreciate it thanks so much in advance ^^ here is the link to the site with the tut. >> Tutorial that is giving me trouble. >.<

    I was hoping to post up a the file to DL too.. but its too big >.< So if you would like to see it to see if im doing something wrong, feel free to e-mail me or IM me about it. my e-mail is under my name, my AIM name is LaPinguinaPazza (same as user name) thanks again ^^

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    hmm I would suggest you try at webdev's sister site http://flashkit.com

    as well don't include the link to the tute include an fla instead.

    Usually what happens with score keepers is that they are an expression based
    on increment. ++
    usually something along the lines of If{objectA.IsNear(objectB)}{myScore.++}
    then at the end of the game you would simply need to may the text myScore
    Visible or assign myScore to a dynamic text object.

    Like I said don't make someone else do homework to figure out your problem
    supply an fla it will go much further in them understanding what is happening in the


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    i wasnt trying to make someone else do my homework.. i tried to include the fla but it was too big and i went to flakit along with like 5 other tut sites to try to figure it out, along with other scripters I know.. no one knew so i thought a forum might be able to help. Guess I was wrong about that.

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