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Thread: Please help us to help you.

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    Please help us to help you.

    if you follow a few simple guidlines when posting you will be morelikly to recive an accurate reply quickly and with minimal fuss.
    1. Search. Click on search at the top and enter your term, the odd's are someone will already have asked your question.
    2. Describe. Tell us what it should do, how it is to do it and what's wrong if your getting an error. If your unsure how to go about something then tell us what it should do and try to tell us anything you have already tried, this provides us with more info about what will and wont work.
    3. Use the forums built in [code], [html] or [php] tags around any and all coded sections(the full section, not just relevent parts). Your code(HTML, PHP, javascript or anything else) will then be easier to read allowing us to be more accurate in our responses.
    4. Indent. I can't specify this enought, but often the problem could be a simple matter of a missing brace("{" or "}"), this is more common than you think.
    5. Ask a question. If you just give us information, no mater how accurate unless we know what you want we cannot help you.
    6. If you have a script from a premade souce, ask the author, they will proberly know more about it than us.
    7. Cut down. try to post only the relevent lines unless we ask for more, it ensures we will not be put of(and considering we do this for free it's not something you want) and can reply quicker.
    8. Javascript is NOT Java, this is a much less common mistake than you would belive, but every one in a while someone makes the mistake of posting in the wrong forum without saying it's java they are using not javascript. This waste time for both you and us, please avoid it.

    Thank you for reading this.

    If an admin/mod could sticky this it would be a great help.
    Feal free to add your own comments as reply's to correct me, elaborate or even just add something I've missed.
    Last edited by scragar; 04-29-2005 at 04:20 AM. Reason: clean up.
    If you are using PHP please use the [PHP] and [/PHP] forum tags for highlighting...
    The same applies to HTML and the forums [HTML][/HTML] tags.
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    At least 98% of internet users' DNA is identical to that of chimpanzees
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    Nobody reads the stickies, so there's no real point in it but...

    Post the friggin URL!!!!
    “The power of the Web is in its universality. Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect.”
    —Tim Berners-Lee, W3C Director and inventor of the World Wide Web
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    9. It is always a good idea to try your best describing your situation as well as your problem. I cannot even count the many times people would create a new thread assuming that you already know what their situation is.
    10. Provide a link.
    11. If you post your code, provide full-path URLs rather than segments.
    How can anyone find your picture if you only provide: <img src="pic.jpg"> ?

    Edit: I believe Charles was refering to my #10, it seems he's barking at the o/p but I think he's giving advice for thread starters.
    Last edited by Ultimater; 06-07-2005 at 12:42 PM.
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    12. Setup a testing page or attach a testing file. I can't even nearly emphasize enough how important this is and how much time it saves us all nor the amount of times I've had to personally ask the o/p(orginal poster).
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    Please, guys, tell me what browser ur using. One browser can produce an error that another would NEVER encounter, so please, help us reproduce it and give us an environment.
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    Suggestions for thread etiquette:

    Non-English speaking? Write that.

    ...diligently use the Search feature prior to starting a thread.
    ...state in the intitial post, all the conditions that currently exist, and the desired outcome.
    ...test posted code AS IS, before declaring: "that don't work!"
    ...remember that EVERYONE who responds to your thread is a VOLUNTEER, not your employee.
    ...start a NEW thread, for a NEW problem.

    ...expect someone to write all the code you desire.
    ...try to manipulate others with cries for sympathy: e.g. "I'm a total noob, go easy on me."
    ...declare that your problem is URGENT.
    ...piecemeal your problem. e.g. "Okay, that works, but what I REALLY want is..."

    IF a FORM is involved:
    ALWAYS post the complete form HTML and all JavaScript that you've written concerning that form.

    If an ACTIVE PAGE on YOUR site is involved:
    ALWAYS post a link to the document.

    Whether you agree or disagree is irrelevant to the stated problem, and whatever error might exist, allow the author of the code to correct it.

    If you have ORIGINAL code of your own to offer in solution of the stated problem, or a link to someone else's code, post it.
    Last edited by Stephen Philbin; 05-08-2006 at 09:50 AM. Reason: You need me to tell you why this idiots posts need editing?
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    NEVER ... criticize anyone's code
    I actually disagree with this one. If people cannot judge the merits and faults of someone's code then how are we supposed to help each other improve?
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    I am a new user to any sort of forum. Thanks again - I ended up posting the same question in 4 different places - sorry. I get the way the site is organized now and will only be posting in the appropriate areas. Thanks..
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    An "unwritten" rule of the Forum or of any other Forum is to avoid doing someone's homework. We are here to help people, not to do entirely their job.
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    Oh dear... I noticed one of your rule type things said to post the HTML code you're working with... I'm not really allowed to do that... I'm just a little intern while the company is using my labor for free... Is that alright still? I tried to ask a pretty specific question...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amoranth1
    Oh dear... I noticed one of your rule type things said to post the HTML code you're working with... I'm not really allowed to do that... I'm just a little intern while the company is using my labor for free... Is that alright still? I tried to ask a pretty specific question...

    I might be excused, but I think u have overpassed your company's rules. The HTML/javascript codes are free to be seen anyway, so what's your/your company's problem?. Just try to simplify the essential part pf your code and bring it here. Otherwise it will be very hard or impossible for us to help you. Do u think we are here to steel things that we have already known?...
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    The solution is to duplicate the html with all the sensitive information taken out. We don't care about the specific content, as long as it won't change behavior.
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    i am a somewhat newbie to the internet i want to learn and learn the right not half assed i want to learn javascript i am a beginner and don't assume i know anything i want to start dfro scratch in learning javascript where do i start i will need all the help i can get maybe some day i will be able to help you
    thank you joe kreuz
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    Firts learn very well HTML and CSS. Than javascript and DOM. Than some basic server-side language, php or asp...

    See some tutorials of all these:

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