if you follow a few simple guidlines when posting you will be more likly to recive an accurate reply quickly and with minimal fuss.
  1. Search. Click on search at the top and enter your term, the odd's are someone will already have asked your question.
  2. Describe. Tell us what it should do, how it is to do it and what's wrong if your getting an error. If your unsure how to go about something then tell us what it should do and try to tell us anything you have already tried, this provides us with more info about what will and wont work.
  3. Use the forums built in [php] tags around any and all coded sections(HTML as well as PHP). Your code will then be easier to read allowing us to be more accurate in our responses.
  4. Indent. I can't specify this enought, but often the problem could be a simple matter of a missing brace("{" or "}"), this is more common than you think.
  5. Ask a question. If you just give us information, no mater how accurate unless we know what you want we cannot help you.
  6. If you have a script from a premade souce, ask the author, they will proberly know more about it than us.
  7. Cut down. try to post only the relevent lines unless we ask for more, it ensures we will not be put of(and considering we do this for free it's not something you want) and can reply quicker.

Thank you for reading this.

If an admin/mod could sticky this it would be a great help.
Feal free to add your own comments as reply's to correct me, elaborate or even just add something I've missed.