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Thread: Monitor Problem

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    Unhappy Monitor Problem

    Since I'm not a pc tech, I thought I'd throw out this question to those who may know. I have another 'puter (Win98 SE) and it's companion monitor finally died. I bought another used monitor to use in it's place and now I'm having issues with getting it to load Windows correctly. I can only start it in safe mode. What do I have to do to get things right, again. I figured it would simply be a case of plug and play, but, I guess there is something that needs reconfigured. Any one?

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    I readlly don't think that the monitor is the problem. Sounds like Windows has done it gay-wise on you.
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    If your monitor will only display is safe mode, it's probably because your computer's resolution is beyond the ability of the monitor.

    If I understand you correctly, your computer is configured to a resolution setting compatible with your old monitor. Your new monitor, being used, is most likely an older model that can't support the resolution settings of your system, and so nothing is showing up. Safe Mode, I believe, runs at a standard resolution that is lower than your normal one so your monitor can still support Safe Mode graphics. If I'm correct, you need to change your resolution settings under Safe Mode to a lower one and you should be able to run Windows normally.

    Of course I may be entirely wrong

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