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Thread: Newbie: help needed to check for file string.

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    Newbie: help needed to check for file string.

    I'm new to ASP... still trying to find my way around.

    I have a script that sends an email after the user fills in the fields.
    And... it has has a file attachment thing that allows you to attach a file to the email.
    I've managed to get this working.

    But... I still have a problem...
    I want my end users to be able to send an email without having to attach a file.
    The code seems to break down when no file is attached.

    So... I need the code needed to check if something exists in the file thing on the HTML form.

    I have the following code:

    For Each File in Upload.Files
    filename = returnFileName(File.Path)

    I assume I need to check if something exists in the file field before the above is executed?

    Any help would be appreciated.



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    Is this ASP.NET? ...or, are you using a 3rd-party File Upload process? I ask, because Classic ASP has nothing like what you're showing for your code. Otherwise... The For Each appears to be returning a File object. What are the other properties of this File object?

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