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Thread: css links wont work in Mac

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    Angry css links wont work in Mac

    On my site the css links don't seem to work on a Mac. They work fine on a pc in both IE and FF. When I put the cursor over the links, it acts as if there was no link there at all. I have found other threads in fourms on this problem, but no solution.

    heres the code

    <DIV style="position: absolute; top: 184; width: 447; left: 160; height:30; backround-colour: black">
    <font size="2" color="#FF0000" face="Copperplate Gothic Bold">
    <a href="http://www.shortsupply.co.uk">Home</a>

    the address is www.shortsupply.co.uk/thederelicts/welcome.html

    hope someone can help.



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    The IEMac.css you are importing does not seem to exist? Could this be the problem?

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