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Thread: How do I install CGI.pm??

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    Unhappy How do I install CGI.pm??

    I have been trying to create a cgi form to run on my own apache server.
    I'm using a Mac OS 9 and I realised that I don't even have the CGI.pm module installed!! So I downloaded 'CGI.pm' but I'm not sure if it has installed correctly because i'm still getting an "internal server error"!! I'm even getting this with scripts that aren't using CGI.pm! I have checked the code and directory paths within the code, I just can't get any of them to run!!!
    This is how I installed it: dragged the "CGI.pm" file to where the other .pm files are stored (I'm assuming this is /Library/Perl/5.8.1/darwin-thread-multi-2level) I have no idea whether that is right or not! I have also dragged the "CGI" file to the same place....Tried putting them both into CGI-Executables also, still doesn't work...
    My CGI scripts are located in CGI-Executables. My browser will display html pages but not cgi and i have set the correct permissions...

    Does anyone know what the problem could be!!??

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    You should try using the CPAN module to install all your modules. The CPAN module should come preloaded with your Perl distribution.

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