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    Basically I want to set up a website pretty soon based around steaming videos... these videos will be around 4-6mins in length.

    I was wondering if someone could advise me on the type of file that I should be using, I mean would mpeg be better than quicktime? Or can a video be converted into swf to make it as short as possible and with the best possible sound quality? So that its downloaded as quick as possible and that the quality is good too.

    Is there any websites that you could recommend me too?

    All help would be very much appreiciated, thanks for taking the time out to read the e-mail.

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    well... definently not "quicktime" those take forever to load and plus not not much people even use "quicktime" if it was up to me i'd convert them to just a simple wmv file... and flash? well i don't thing that would be such a great idea it would take even longer to load then the other
    and besides the rogram would only be like a 15 day trial and 50 bucks to buy oh yea if your using A WMV I'D EMBED people don't like thinking there downloading a huge file lol ....cya p.s check out my site if you whant
    partial owner of the merlinsmedia.com

    -king of the media (not howard stern )

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