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Thread: Dynamic Pages in search engines

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    Dynamic Pages in search engines

    Is it bad practise to use dynamic url's in a web site which has dynamic and static content, for example, If a site has a contact page is it ok to use /index.php?page=contact (or /?page=contact) or should it be referenced as /contact.php

    Google doesn't seem to mind indexing some of my sites which use the dynamic method, but other sites it will only index the first page (index.php)

    I've noticed sites like devshed use very long, deep directory paths for their articles, I assume this is so they rank well in search engines.

    Would it be ok to create a directory on the server (say /contact/) and set up an index page with a redirect in it to /?page=contact, and if so, what kind of redirect, 301, 302 or meta ?


    - Chris

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    You could use the rewrite function and make the dynamic pages look like static html pages. Many websites do this and google then indexes the html sites.
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