Ok I know Witango is not THE Solution of choice for “In the box” Microsoft Developers, but it just may become the best thing from “Down Under”.
The beauty of Witango is its highly visual approach to programming - they work hard to ensure that anyone can build a web application that integrates to a SQL database (search, insert, update and delete records) and can have their application send emails - the two most basic requirements of a web application. Not every web application has to be a major project on a large budget, therefore for all of you REAL developers, if you want to develop an application fast, consider Witango. I personally use it I just finished big e-commerce project with it, and only downside is the hosting. It’s too expensive due to limited hosting companies, so I had to purchase App. Server and plug it onto my T3.

Let’s share Witango experiences here.
Danny Mustafich

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