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Thread: A viable solution?

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    A viable solution?

    I am looking for some input from those that are developers? I am trying to prove the viability of a Shipping API that can be integrated into existing websites and applications.

    While the carriers offers their own individual API's, we took the 4 major US carriers and melted them together into 1 real-time shipping , rating and comparison engine.

    A website owner can set up their handling fees and shipping prefrences which mimic their unique business rules.

    Documentation / infomation for specifics can be found http://www.auctioninc.com/info/page/shipping_api

    Please comment on the viability of the API.....

    Also if you are a developer and have an interest feel free to fill out a request for contact: http://www.auctioninc.com/requestform.php

    Paid/AuctionInc, has been developing shipping calculators/ Calculations for the web since 1999. First for the ebay marketplace, then for those utilizing a PayPal shopping cart.



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    Seems like an interesting product. Though, some customers may be discouraged when they realise they must write custom code (which normally means an added cost) to integrate the system.

    Out of interest, how are you getting up-to-date currency conversion and shipping costs? Do certain companies offer Web Services for such data?


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