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Thread: Image does not show up in IE

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    Image does not show up in IE

    Check out this site:


    Under the work "Welcome" and to the right of that paragraph there should be an image of a church that sorta fades out. If you have Mozilla you can see this image. If you have IE, you cannot. What am I doing wrong? It displays the image if I take out the "float: right" in my "imageWithBorder" class, however, it's not where I want it if I take out that line.


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    I've experienced this problem before as well. Try setting position: relative; in the container div. Thus, if you had

    <div class="box">
    <img src="something.gif">

    You would want your CSS to look like this:

    .box {
    position: relative;

    At least I think that was what was going on. I may be wrong though.

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    Good call my man. That did the job.

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