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Thread: external hard drive problem! can some one help please! :)

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    external hard drive problem! can some one help please! :)

    Dear members:

    Hi I recently brought a external hd enclosure and hd IDE: (ENCLSR 3.5" USB2.0 AMS DS-2316B2BK - Retail Price=$37.99)
    HD 120GB|SEAGATE ST3120026A 8mb % - OEM Price=$81.00))

    The first time when i plugged the usb from the enclsoure and the hd ide in the usb 1.1 of my laptop, window xp quickly recognized and installed it. then i formatted the drive and used 100 gb to form 2 partitions and put about 2 gb of video on both partitions. However, when the 2nd time i turned the computer on, (when it was installed already) it stop working properly or something: it said on USB mass storage device properties on the device status: this device cannot be started (code 10). so, i tried uninstalling then reinstalling, but it kept saying the same thing, no matter what, even if i installed the drivers from the cd (just to see if it works but i didn't have to since i have window xp) and updated the driver from that cd for the hd enclosure and hd ide, but when i restarted my computer, it didn't turned back on. (so i had to roll back to to most recent confrigation that worked before, meaning uninstallling the drivers from the cd (never mind about that because thats not the problem.). i checked help and support on window xp, and tried all of the suggestions it told be, however that didn't seem to work either. therefore can you plese help me out, and let me know please what seems to be the problem and how do I fix it properly (anything will do thank you very much!

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    never mind. i found what the problem was: the 4 screws that came with the hd enclosure, i didn't screw that in cuz i thought it wasn't needed. but because i didnt it got loose and thats why it didn't get started. so screwed the 4 screws in where it belong then turned it on and it was was working fine just like the first day. however, thanks any way still appreciate with all your help. but i have just one questions: it says it comes with a warranty for both. so i just want to know do u have to register your product in manafacturer site or you just buy it from newegg.com (like i did) and it automatically register the warranty or something like that? please let me know any way u can! thank you very much

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    if you got a warranty form with it then you need to follow the instructions on it.
    If not then you don't.
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