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Thread: sql statement problem

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    sql statement problem

    strSQL = "SELECT jobs.Id, jobs.EmailAddress, jobs.JobTitle, jobs.Salary1, jobs.Salary2, jobs.SalaryRateOTE, jobs.SalaryRateIncBen, jobs.SalaryRateProRata, jobs.SalaryRateNegShow, jobs.SalaryRateNegHide, jobs.Town, jobsector.Name AS jobsector, type.Name AS type, per.Name AS per, region.Name AS region FROM jobs, jobsector, type, per, region WHERE jobsector.Id = jobs.jobsectorId AND type.Id = jobs.typeId AND per.Id = jobs.perId AND region.Id = jobs.regionId AND Id=" & lngRecordNo";"

    the problems on that last bit ... Id=" & IngRecordNo";"

    the end statement'ss wrong but i dunno how id put it right...

    could someone help me please.... thanks


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    ...AND Id=" & lngRecordNo & ";"

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