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Thread: Dropdown box 2 textfile

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    Dropdown box 2 textfile

    Hello everybody

    i don't know exactly where to pose this question, so i'll do it here...

    I have a webpage with severel dropdown boxes or radiobuttons.. it works like this... somebody can select something in the first dropdownbox/radiobutton and after that a second dropdownbox is filled with values that depend on the first choice.. So they are dynamically filled...This works ok.. I managed to do this with JavaScript and a lot of help from the Internet

    Now my question is: Is it possible to store the several answers in a text file? This text file should contain the answers of the first question and the following questions... I already know it can't be done with JavaScript, so what should i use instead?

    If anybody knows an answer please let me know

    Thanks in advance


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    Just a suggestion.
    javascript can not read external files except css,js and XML file.You can use XML file for this use here



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