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    i'm trying to test how long it would take for my redesigned website to load.
    i'm getting different times, depending on the load testers that i use.( anywhere from 4-30 seconds for a 56k modem) would someone with a 56k modem log on to see how long it would take?

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    That is a difficult question to answer since it is never known exactly how fast a dial-up user will connect. However, the total page weight is just under 22Kb, so at an average speed of 3Kb/s on dial-up, that would be 7 seconds, however if they connect at the the full 56k(7Kb/s), it would take only 3 seconds. So, as you can see, there is not a set answer to your question. I've heard of people that connect at close to 6-7Kb/s and I've heard of people going below 1Kb/s, but from my experience, between 2-4 is average. Either way, your site will be one of the quickest to load. 22Kb is a very good page weight.

    If your interested in making it load as quickly as possible, however, you may want to consider re-coding your site without the tables, using CSS instead. That can reduce the page weight by up to 50% so it is definately worth doing, even if it wouldn't be for all the other reasons for doing it.
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