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Thread: Who to go to for web hosting

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    Who to go to for web hosting

    I've seen a few threads and posts in this forum where people have asked where to get hosting from, so I thought I'd make this sticky. If you have any recommendations or anti-recommendations as to who to go to (or not go to as the case may be) then this is the place to post about it.

    I'll be heavily moderating this thread to make sure it stays on topic, if you want to talk to someone about something to get more details then do it via a PM, and maybe that person could come back and make an amendment to their post if neccessary. Remember, edit your already existing post, don't make a new one.

    If I see anyone who's only post is in this thread then I will consider it advertising and delete it, if I see anyone who is obviously pimping their own hosting company then I will delete that.

    Make sure that in your post you include details about the host you're talking about, 99.99% uptime and 6 TeraBytes of space for 1.99 per year doesn't count. While the hosting package and price is obviously worth mentioning it's not the be all and end all. Be sure to back up why you think they're good or bad with a short description of why you think that. I don't want to see recommendations for hosts that you're going to try out either, if you personally haven't used them then as a recommendation it doesn't carry much weight.

    I'll start the ball rolling with an anti-recomendation, my current host is www.web-hosting.uk.com and they are ... not a good host. Quite often any pages that use ASP (which is pretty much my entire site) will simply stop working and no content will be sent to the browser. All normal .html pages will continue to be sent fine, I'm not sure if PHP pages still work during these "outages" as I've never had any to test. However, they are a pretty cheap UK based host and use the easy to get around helm CMS for their admin panel, so if you're just starting out and don't use a server-side language, they might be worth considering.
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