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    Question Search Engine Services

    Like Mr. Wellock(previous post), I need my web site to be found by the major search engines.

    I am aware of several who offer the service of search engine submissions, and some who offer software to do this.

    This is my first web site, so I am only a beginner. Can someone tell me why I can't submit my sites to the search engines such as "google" and others on my own ?

    Why do I have to pay for software or a "service" to do this ? Is it just too time consuming and difficult to do this yourself ?

    Any comments, suggestions, advice or recommedations will be appreciated. If it is possible to do it myself, please provide me with any references or help sites which would help me do this. Thanks !


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    Hi Michael,

    You're asking a large question. This is an area that could easily keep someone busy full-time. I did a search at Google for "search engine submit tutorial". Here's the first site returned:

    Looks like a decent place to start your education.

    To answer your questions;
    Yes, you can do it yourself in many cases. Some are free, others cost real money. Go to each & look for their instructions.
    Yes, it can be very time-consuming.
    In my opinion, if you absolutely need your site listed ASAP, do it via software. If you can wait, read as much as you can on the subject & tweak (& tweak & tweak &....) your site.

    Hope this is of some help.

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    Most search engines are very complicated so the people who make the search engine submition software usally have to pay for the info to be able to make the software work. I have seen some out there that actually use hacking techniqes to submit you site to the search engine server. But thats from my experiance. Hope that helps.

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    Personally I don't use pay for rankings or submissions since I have no commercial interest in the Internet and the engine of choice seems to be Google.

    Although getting listed on DMOZ is useful, I myself have attained DMOZ Editor Status so in affect I can also act like a 'human search engine' a kind a gatekeeper to a specific directory.

    The best method of approach is to typically do manual submission yourself rather than rely on a service because many engines and directories now frown upon robot submissions.

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    mjdimick - care to elaborate on those hacking techniques?

    Robert Well**** - What is the usage of dmoz like ... that is, as a percentage of all search engine traffic?



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    Thanks to all for your comments, links and information. Based on my experience level ("baby" beginner) and the amount of time I have for this, I think I'll be better off just paying for the software/service.

    Can anyone give me a good recommendation, based on quality of service (ie., how often your site was found after you used it) and cost ? All recommendations appreciated.

    Thanks again for your help.


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