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Thread: tagging a cell id

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    Question tagging a cell id

    Hi folks,

    I am working on an exam window whereby students must proceed through the exam links in order, and may not return to a previous exam. Is there any way that I can identify the link within a cell, (Cell ID?) and then using javascript or DHTML, 'close' the link once it has been selected once?

    I know that if the page refreshes, the link will once again be 'alive' but since each exam is a popup window, this should not be a problem.

    I have attached the javascript file as it now. This runs within WebCT so some of the links may not make sense but this is why.

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    Something like this:
    <a id="r1" href="javascript:document.getElementById('r1').firstChild.data='';javascript:openWindow('/SCRIPT/_COURSEID_/scripts/student/serve_new_quiz?ACTION=SHOW_QUIZ2&ARG1=1399971773','reading_quiz_1');">Reading 1</a>
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