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Thread: Domain name forwarding problem

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    Domain name forwarding problem


    I have 2 domain names.

    domain1.com is web hosted on dreamhost
    domain2.com is web hosted on godaddy.

    I set up a sub-domain in domain1:

    I want to forward all page requests to domain2.com to the corresponding page on domain2.domain1.com.

    I forwarded domain2.com on godaddy (using the domain forwarding option) to domain2.domain1.com. So now, when I enter domain2.com, I see the page I set up on domain2.domain1.com. So far so good.

    However, when I try to access domain2.domain1.com/page2.html by using domain2.com/page2.html. All I see is the welcome page for domain2.domain1.com (domain2.domain1.com/index.php). However, when I access domain2.domain1.com/page2.html, it works fine ...

    Is there something I'm missing?

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    Pass Subdirectories sounds like what I'm looking for. However Godaddy doesn't seem to have a setting to enable or disable it. Unless, I'm totally missing it?

    From browsing this forum, seems that a lot of people use godaddy. I'm surprised that I'm the first (?) to ask this question and nobody seems to have a usable suggestion.

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    Any way, putting godaddy and pass subdirectory into google and got the following:
    So, I tried out his suggestion. But of course, gotta wait 2/3 days.

    So keeping my fingers crossed that I didn't set anything wrong :roll:

    This suggestion required going thru a 3rd party dns server. Which is like, wtf, why doesn't godaddy provide the pass-subdirectory feature.

    10-points off for godaddy

    If anyone has better, less confusing, more reliable options, pls let me know. I just think that have to go thru a 3rd party just adds more point of failures

    Especially when you don't know if the third party will start charging for it
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