Hi. I have a site which uses CSS positioning of iframes to achieve a fairly unusual layout which visitors tell me they really like - so I donīt want to change it - but which is self-castration in SE optimisation terms. The main page that does the layout stuff and loads the iframes doesnīt have any content as such itself, and SEs donīt see the content in the iframes.

I have tried to get round this by having simple standalone page versions of the iframe content with their own URL, which if arrived at directly (someone comes to them through a SE) do a quick javascript check to see if the user has a modern browser (CSS and JS) and if so reloads the fancy content page with the relevant iframe preloaded, otherwise if it doesnīt recognise the JS a plain vanilla SE-friendly page loads.

I have a front page which if JS works has links to take you to the fancy page, otherwise it displays links to the plain vanilla pages, effectively acting as a site map. Actually, it works by displaying the non-JS links, and then JS if working sets the display to none for them and replaces with the a link to the fancy page.

If you have followed me so far - thanks! - the problem I have is that the SEs are not smart enough to see the iframe content etc., but they seem to be clever enough to realise that if you arrive at the site with a JS enabled browser, you donīt get the plain vanilla pages I want the SEīs (and older browsers) to see, and they look at that fancy layout page and see no content. And if I submit the URLs of the plain vanilla pages, they are also clever enough to see that there is a JS reload of the fancy layout page, and again see nothing.

Can I get round this without having to ditch my layout? All replies much appreciated, thanks.