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Thread: Getting listed in Google Images

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    Getting listed in Google Images

    Hello everyone--

    I can't seem to have my images show up in Google Image Search. My site comes up on their regular search just fine, and I was wondering if it was perhaps because I named my images folder "pix" instead of "images". (And yes, I do want Google to be able to find my artwork; I understand that some people don't but I do). Before I took the drastic step of attempting to rename and relink all the pictures in my site, I thought I'd ask.

    Or maybe I just need to wait a little longer? My site has been up and done now about six months.



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    It has nothing to do with what you named your directory. It has everything to do with Google and how they index things. To be honest their indexing process is all a big secret that Google guards very closely (for good reason) although many will tell you they 'know' how it works and whatnot this is just not true. They can only hypothesize as to how it works.

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    keep your art work in that folder called images. optimize your pages, validate your code, refresh your content often and raise link popularity. if you take these measure and are relentless, then you will see the search results you want. hard work and promoting of your site is the key.

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    Give your images descriptive names and alt tags might help.

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