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Thread: embedding a local video file

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    embedding a local video file

    I am trying to embed an .avi file into a web page. The trick is that the file is stored locally, and not on the server. I am using <object> tag for this and specify the path to the file as "file:///blah-blah-blah". By some reason it doesn't work: it shows the empty WMP box, but the video doesn't start, and the buttons are disabled.
    I tried to modify the security settings, use the <embed> tag instead - doesn't help. It works fine if I place the same file on the server.
    I understand this task is not what you normally do on the web, but I really need the file to be local. Anyone knows how I can do it?

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    Here is what I need: I open a page on the web, and this page plays a movie from a folder on MY computer. If someone else opens the same page, and he desn't have that movie on his machine, no movie is displayed.
    According to what I found so far, this is impossible using html or javascript, because you are not supposed to get access to a local filesystem. So I am working on a java applet now. If you know the easy way to do what I described, please let me know.

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