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    Help With Dreamweaver

    I am converting a JSP website to .html in dreamweaver. I have links on the side of the .jsp page opened in dreamweaver. There .gif images with JSP links attached to them. I clicked on the links and changed them to the new html links I created within dreamweaver. But when I preview the webpage and click the links nothing happens at all. I don't even get taken to another page that says error. I don't have any idea where to go from there. The links are attached correctly. I tried looking through the code to see if I was missing something. The code has the images as rollover images in .gif format. I tried to delete the rollover command within the code but that deleted the whole image alltogether. I was hoping just to make the image a regular link without the rollover feature to make it easier and solve the problem. But somehow the jsp rollover is attached to the image and I don't know how to delete it. Whenever I preview the page if I rollover the link I only recieve an empty box with a red X in it. Does anyone have any suggestions? Please....

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    Maybe you could convert some of the page with Notepad?
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