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Thread: dmoz status

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    dmoz status

    is there a way to check the status of your site being reviewed by dmoz or do u just have to wait it out and continue to search on dmoz for your listing?

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    I guess this will help:
    Dmoz site submission status

    I don't like Dmoz. The philasophy behind it is very weak. No clear rulls and just peoples opinion. Domz discriminates against new websites and this is not the only problem See what one of the users said there:

    It's been ...gosh, almost 11 months since I first submitted. I don't think there's an editor in the category I was relegated to. In that time, we've moved our focus as a message board off of professional wrestling (although we still talk about it amongst everything else) so I'm not even sure that we belong in that specific category anyway.
    And I just edit to tell this:
    If you mean an automated service, no there isn't. This forum is the only facility there.
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