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    Help were Stuck

    We are trying sell the name FL.AG or flag. We are having a hard time convincing anyone to have interest. It seems like a short and good name but people all seem to want coms. Any help with marketing would be appreciated.

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    Pass it off as american patriotism or something. I know tons of people who'd fall for that.

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    Patriotism +

    It is a patriotic name and could be used by so many people. When we went to *******.com we found thousands of flag manufacturers. Then there are thousands more of wholesalers and retailers, all competing. We really hoped someone would recognize how easy name recognition and easy spelling would help them corner the market.

    We started thinking about it and realized that all those countries with all those militaries and schools and public buildings have flags. Then there are high schools and colleges with there flag teams.

    Made us think we should have gotten into the flag business instead of the domain sale business.

    I think this thing could be a real seller if we could figure out how to get the name out to the interested parties. Oh yeah, Then there are churches and political parties and on and on.

    Well thanks for the feedback. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

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