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    I dont know if anyone here can help me or not but I'll give it a shot.

    I having trouble with my Flash Animations. When i Create them and view them by moving the timeline they work fine But when i go to Preview things dont work.

    for instance text effects (masking, sizing and movements) work when i advance the timeline but they dont work when i preview it.

    Its very frustiating, I even started a new file and striped the effects down to the minimum and still nothing.

    If anyone else has a solution please let me know.


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    How much have you been using Flash? Did you read up on it before using it or are you diving into the interface and trying to figure it out?

    What you're describing could have many origins. Could you provide more detail or attach a small file so we could see the problem? It's difficult to make out from your post.

    Ed Womack
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    [GOOGLE search=flash+tutorial] Look in googe for tutorial that should get you going a lot faster than waiting for replies here.[/GOOGLE]
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