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Thread: This may not even be possible but...

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    This may not even be possible but...

    I'm attempting to make an interactive floor plan of the building that I work in.
    I've got a map that users can point to an office and mouse click, which sends a number to a calculator. In this way, management can calculate the amount of floor space their department is using. (silly, I know, ask the bean counters) I'm using "hotspots" to mark the offices, I've deleted the href and put an OnClick in it's place in order to send a pre-determined square footage number to the calculator.
    Here's the question...Along with sending a number to the calculator, I'd like the 'hotspot' area to be highlighted after getting clicked.

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    Could you screen capture the exact area you want highlighted, take it to a graphics editing program, highlight it in a different color, and then save it. You could then call up a layer with it positioned over where it should be??

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