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Thread: How would I go about making a rates calendar?

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    Question How would I go about making a rates calendar?

    Hello there I would like to know how I would display a rates calendar on a website. Do I need software? If so any good recommendations? Or is it possible to use javascript or some other programming language?

    What I need to use is something with the day/month and when the visitor clicks on the day they are looking for a calendar will pull up with the rate for those days (maybe color-coded). This is for a Hotel. We want to keep it simple and if at all possible not have to resort to software. Unfortunately the rates may change frequently. Can anyone help?


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    I have a calendar that may suit your requirements. See it here: http://www.buntinedesign.com.au/calendar/calendar.asp

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    Thank you for your response. I am actually looking for something that will display rates/calendar for an entire year at a time. If you go to this page http://www.majesticmountainvacations...kName=#booking and scroll to the bottom. See how the calendar is displayed 2 months at a time. If you use the jump menu to change the month it jumps ahead displaying the rates in color-code. We don't need the operating system of reservations and availabitlity. We just want to show our rates. Can you give me some wisdom?

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