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Thread: IE died after installation of Win XP SP2

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    Aug 2004

    IE died after installation of Win XP SP2

    Hi !!!
    I have a strange problem. I recently installed the SP2 on my computer, and IE is slowed down drastically ( like if I were using a 28k modem, and I have the DSL 5Mo O__O ). I checked the parameters, and everything seems normal.
    I don't have any problem in any of my other broswers ( FF, Opera, Netscape ).
    I'm using Maxthon, now, but it's still a bit slow.
    I was wondering what it could come from.

    I did a search for viruses, everything seems normal.
    And before you ask, of course I got rid of the crappy windows firewall...

    I have my swap memory on another hard drive, I have 1Go Ram, and a lot of free space. My processor is a pentium IV, 2.4ghz, and really, I don't understand why it's so slow.
    All the other applications seem to work...
    As something similar already happened to any of you ?
    Thanks !

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    Sometimes installing SP2 does slow down your computer.
    You might want to post a hijackthis log (read one of the stickies) and I can do a quick check for you to see if you have a trojan or spyware gone undetected.
    You might also want to read the link in my sig about speeding up your pc.
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    Aug 2004
    Hi Dave !!!
    You're everywhere, hmm ?
    I'll investigate this log thing...
    A friend of mine is informaticien, and he gave me a great number of things to inactivate, and the pc is relatively faster.
    Strangely enough, the problem happens only for IE, and in a relative measure, for Maxthon ( IE advanced ).
    Anyway, I'll have a look after dinner.
    How are you ?

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    Jan 2005
    It may not do much (or anything), but the first thing I do when I'm having problems with IE is reset my websettings, clear my history, and clear my cookies, and that has helped occasionally.

    Are you using the newest version of IE, and did you update it (IE) with SP2?

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    gorky, I've done that already, and this time, it didn't help. I think I have the newest version, yeah... anyway, internet explorer started to act strangely a bit before the SP2 installation ( actually, it started to act weird after a windows security update ). thanks for the suggestion !

    Dave, I'm in the process of testing your things... first, spyboot crashed on my computer after finishing its scan, but I could get rid of y few adds. Ad-aware is something I've been using for at least 2 years, and I use it regularly.
    I still have to try your hijacking thing...

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    Jul 2003
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    IE dieing isn't a problem... it's a message: Don't Use IE!

    Sorry, not very helpful, but I couldn't resist. Had a similar issue with IE when I installed SP2. Never could figure out what was giving me an issue, but I don't use IE except the very rare occasion. Later I had to reinstall Windows, and when SP2 installed I didn't have the problem with IE. *shrug*

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    Aug 2004
    yeah, it's not much of a problem for me, because I use FF anyway.... But I liked having IE around to test my sites....
    I'm thinking of uninstalling the SP2... I don't know about the risks, though...

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    Apr 2003
    I'm thinking of uninstalling the SP2...
    As far as I can recall this is not possible, even a System Restore can not do it.

    Reinstall or repair IE
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    Aug 2004
    mmm... it must be possible, cause it's in the "add or remove programs " thing, and some friends said it was possible to do so. But still, I have some doubts. Knowing microsoft, I fear the uninstallation of SP2 will crash my system...

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    Jul 2003
    New York City
    Tried that myself. Things just aren't the same after you take it out, my system was unstable, and though it never crashed, I had numerous problems with applications, including Explorer, Not Respond and then shutdown. Wound up reinstalling Windows.

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    Aug 2004
    I was afraid of something like that...
    It's good you posted here, I won't be doing the mistake, then... thanks !

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    Apr 2003

    When installing SP2 it does warn you that system changes will be made that can not be undone!
    At least 98% of internet users' DNA is identical to that of chimpanzees

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    Aug 2004
    yeah, that's right...
    I'll try that repair thing...
    I think it's more the internet settings than the apllication by itself, cause I have the same problems with Maxthon ( aka Internet Explorer Advanced ) and I installed it AFTER the SP2...

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    Hey forget IE for sometime ciz you better use Firefox or Netscape 8 and if you are scared of compatibility issues then perhaps Firefox is for you. there are an infinite amount of pluses for Firefox when compared to IE. Anyways IE 7 is arriving so you can get back to the usual stuff.

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    Aug 2004
    I use FF already. I use IE only for testing purposes, and for my ftp, because I can go directly to the ftp without using a ftp program...
    Anyway, it works, but it's really slow. I was only wondering...

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