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Thread: Virtual Directories and robot.txt file

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    Virtual Directories and robot.txt file

    Hi all,

    I was about to set up a robot.txt file (which I know doesn't guarantee anything by the way) when I was unsure how to exclude files located within a Virtual Directory. I mean do I use the path with the alias or do I use the real physical path? I'm assuming the alias would be fine, but I'm not 100% sure, can anyone help?


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    Ok maybe I haven't explained myself properly, so here goes again. I have a robot.txt file. Now this file is used to tell search engine bots indexing my site not to index anything on the paths listed within the file. A typical file may look like this:

    user-agent: *
    disallow: /cgi-bin/
    disallow: /games/images/
    disallow: /members/info.html
    disallow: /staff/login.aspx

    Now the paths I want to disallow include a virtual directory. So the path isn't the normal physical path. So for instance I have a physical path like this:


    Which I have set up as a virtual directory with the alias msd. Now normally to get to a page here you would enter the physical path for example:


    but as I have set up a virtual directory I can use this path instead:


    So what I want to do is disallow indexing on files located in a virtual directory. My question is I suppose, do search engine bots understand paths that include virtual directories? Do you get me now???


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