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Thread: embedding quicktime movies

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    Exclamation embedding quicktime movies

    I'm trying to find out if there is a way to resize quicktime movies. changing the height and width tags in the embed tag just makes the window smaller and crops the movie and I'm wondering if there is a way to make the movie shrink to fit.

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    I figured it out.


    thanks for reading though..

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    Could you please tell me how did you do resizing video to fit?

    Hello dji0wa,

    Could you please tell me how did you do resizing video to fit? (scale = "tofit"), I tried to use word "scale" but it gives and error.

    Thank you for yor help,

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    HI Lanita,

    this is taken from Elizabeth Castro's great book 'HTML for the WWW'

    To scale a QT movie


    <param name="scale" value="factor" /> (the /> is for xhtml to be accepted as validated code. if you're not bothering with validated code you can get away with just >, but having read this book, validated xhtml is beneficial in the long term in terms of having sites compatable with cross platform browser advances )

    where factor is either:
    tofit (to fit it's box)
    aspect (fit box but maintain original proportions)
    n (n=number you wish to scale it by, ie: 2 for double size)

    In the embed section, add the parameter scale="value" (where value is whatever you chose in the <param> tag.

    as a note for validation: xhtml doesn't validate the <embed> tag, so i removed it, and the file still plays in IE6 and NN7. I've posted to see if anyone knows of any issues with doing this, but again if you don't care about validating your text, then use the <embed> tag.

    hope this helps.

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    Warning: main(location.php): failed open stream
    keep it valid, some ones signiture has this as a qoute i couldn't agree with him/she ni more, it basically says (its meaning) if your page isnt valid, the it isnt a html site which is true, like putting a sock as a glove, its not a glove... but thats a matter of opinion, the nets governed by rules.

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