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Thread: Having a problem with iframes

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    Question Having a problem with iframes

    I have a page containing an iframe. In the default instance this iframe contains a menu. Clicking on an item then loads a page of text into the iframe.

    At the moment I am using
    , so that when the page of text is too long for the iframe a vertical scrollbar appears. The problem is that the text then runs under the width of the vertical scrollbar, creating a horizontal scrollbar, which is unwanted.

    If I use
    , I get only a vertical scrollbar in the text page (no horizontal one), but I also get a vertical scrollbar on every other page, whether it is needed or no. When it isn't needed I don't want to see it!!

    Please someone give me a way of solving this. I seem to be damned if I use "auto" and damned if I use "yes"!!

    Thank you!

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    you've probably got something in your iframe document that is wider that the iframe. maybe an image? if you've only got text in there try containing the width of your content with a div or table.

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